Why Travel With Us?

Why to Choose us as your Travel Partner????

We will help you to fulfill Your Vision
eTrip Nepal Pvt. Ltd. believes that your travelling time is the most important part of your life, the time when you recuperate your body and mind from the stress of work. We understand that you are looking for ways to take your mind away from everyday activities and relax with something different…something challenging, inspirational, educational, spiritual or physical.If these are your desires then well, you are at the right place.We manage all those activities that heal you from stress and help you fulfill your dreams by making your holiday interesting & unforgettable. Our management, our staff, our guides and travel consultants are focused to make your holiday in our country stress free, relaxing and exciting.

We provide good value for you
You have invested your precious time, resources and trust on our service and so we try our utmost to give you the best return possible within your investment. Obviously, your holiday need not be expensive. But it certainly has to be memorable and must satisfy your expectations and that’s exactly what our job is to deliver. We will do everything possible to make it happen. Our prices are fully disclosed and there are no hidden costs. We always try to give more than your expectation.

We offer an extensive range of quality services
We offer an extensive menu of high quality tour options in Nepal and Himalayan regions of Tibet, Bhutan and India. Our offers include fixed departure holidays as well as a wide range of customized options for groups and individuals. We also provide booking for hotels and a range of airfares. We proud ourselves for the flexibility and responsiveness we deliver which we are able to alter as per the needs and desires of our customers.

We specialize in individuality and flexibility
We have evolved from the field of basic travel services to base camp, mountaineering, expedition, trekking and climbing services in Nepal. We have extensive logistic experience in both individual and group operations. With climbing and high elevation mountaineering, there is need for flexibility in planning and responsiveness to customer needs. This is why we prepare multiple itineraries and let you select the one that fits you best. This experience allows us to provide agile tour operations and to treat all our customers as individuals and to ensure timely, reliable and fixed itineraries. 

We are locally owned and operated
You can access the personal information of any of our team members. We are local people, who grew up in Nepal and know the country and people very well. Our management as well as all guides and other employees have hands on experience on the trek, expedition, managing base camp services, providing climbing and mountaineering services, guiding, organizing and managing individual and group trekking and expeditions. We are also building a network of friends and representatives in many countries to help you obtain information and reference locally from your country too. With us, you will be in experienced & safe hands.

Sustainability, Integrity, Environment conservation, Social Responsibility
Local people, our employees, the environment and our country’s reputation is at the utmost frontier of our operations. In all our works, we utilize local people for the provision of services to provide fair economic opportunities in the regions we visit. We pay fair prices for the services and consider all local people as a part of our national family. We pass through their villages few times a year and proud ourselves on having good relationships with all locals. We promote friendship and interaction of our customers with local hosts that would enrich the experience of your visit. Our philosophy is to promote environmental and social responsibility and to bring good and memorable experiences for you our customer, your local hosts and also to our employees.

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